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I remember thinking back to when it was winter weekend and maybe -30 Celicus outside when I lived in Alberta. I would be warm and toasty under my blanket inside the house. I would sit up after a long sleep, feel the cold air from the wind sneaking in from the cracks of the window, lie back down and sleep more. I would stay in my pjs all day, maybe draw and drink some hot tea and listen to music. Some would say that is boring, but I was happy having that time to myself.

I didn’t need to go anywhere, no alarm clock going off. The weekend was all for me.
Fast forward to the present. Everyday starts at 6 am. Getting up at 7am is just pushing it. My daughter is my alarm clock, which is usually 7am and during the night my son gets me up for night feedings.

It’s been a while since I had a weekend to myself.

Last week, I had a mommy melt down. My son was crying and hungry, and my toddler was screaming and wanting me to feed her first. I felt overwhelmed. Eventually things calmed down (with a few tears of my own) then I finally just had to tell my husband. I need a mommy time out. I think I always felt a bit guilty to have my own mommy time. However, I knew I really needed it. I just asked for a few hours for me.

What I realized was, I had one day with a few hours to myself and I wanted to fit so many things in that few hours but I couldn’t fit all.
I went to a movie by myself, did some small grocery shopping, came back home, fed my son while my daughter had a her nap, then I just drew again. Just a nice calm Sunday.

Although I don’t have my old weekends, I feel nice knowing that when I come home, there is still those little footsteps running to the door saying with delight, ” Mommy! ” And my husband asking me how my movie was. Or my little baby boy smiling at me cause I say, “hello to him.” I come home to a full house with people happy to see me. (Insert the Full House show theme song here)

I guess I realized that mommy’s need time outs too because we need some balance to get us through the busy week.
All I needed to do was ask without feeling guilty.



After I had my daughter, I was clueless about breastfeeding and what engorgement felt like. She was having latching issues and I had no idea. I thought she was eating well. However, being engorged was so painful. I had no idea why my “chest-sicles” felt like hard pectorals. I felt like rambo.
I went from a A cup, to a B cup when full to a C cup when completely engorged. Who knew after having a baby you become a leaky mess. Filled with teary eyes from being sleep deprived to having a soak filled gown 🙁 I would be awake early in the morning from pumping if I didn’t get to feed.
I used to think the labour part will be the crazy scary part. No one really prepares you for what happens after you bring the baby home.
Despite having my rambo breasts, it was nice having a full size cup. I appreciated my temporary big breast size but now I just want to figure out how to make it stay without implants or breastfeeding past 2. Suggestions, would be wonderful. Hahahah.

A 6 ft 4 husband and a 5 ft 1 wife. I still manage to take most of the room of the bed (so my husband says)
Found out they were selling a nice king size bed at Ikea that was at a decent price, so we went to buy it cause I figured my husband can get a bigger space on the bed as he desired.
We got the bed, it was a lot of space for us. This time his feet aren’t fully dangling off. As for his space on the bed, errr…he still says I take most of the space with my “pillow friends”.
I still leave some room…for debate.
If you saw a job posting in a window that says this, would you apply?
Or if you got called into an interview and everything is going well however you will get paid, NOTHING?
Would you take this job?
Probably not or at least I hope not.
When I took went to school for design, not all of my family supported the idea. I still took this field because I wanted to look back at my life and love my job and still get paid to do so.
This job has long hours just like everyone. It has it’s ups and downs and frustrating days. Just like any other job. So when I see or hear people saying they want someone to help them do some job without pay, it surprises me.
Would you work for free in hopes to be paid whenever or would you just look for another job that actually pays?
Your time is valuable, just like everyone else. It would be nice to be treated as such.

Ah Olivia & Bobo friend. Her little hippo friend. I thought I would be fine having her travel on a trip to see my parents last summer without Bobo. I was wrong. I was only when my husband tried to test to see how well she can do sleeping without Bobo.

I wanted to put Bobo in the wash and gave her a different toy to sleep with. She threw her toy on the other side of the bed and cried for about 45 minutes until I said to my husband, “Okay, you made your point.”

I learned my lesson. She chose her childhood toy and they are inseparable. During bedtime, she will look for her little friend. If he’s not there she let’s us know no matter the time of day or nite.

My husband made sure, Bobo had a twin friend when he is in need of major bath time. Good job daddy! I would normally have to sneak to switch them when she isn’t looking. It can be tricky but it needs to be done to stop my eye from twitching. Ha!


I remember I was talking to one of my family members about my pre-pregnancy weight and how much I was at the end of my pregnancy.

To which she replied, “I didn’t weight THAT much back when I was pregnant.” then proceeded further with how much she gained and how I was bigger than she was.

No one really comments on people’s weight since talking about body image is a sensitive subject. I don’t get how those mannerism’s go out the window while a woman is pregnant. I know some people can brush it off, but I was a bit more sensitive than that.

I think there should be a pregnant lady pass where you can say whatever is on your mind and people have to let it go due to the fact that you’re pregnant.



We are expecting our second child soon and I was researching for months to learn how to prepare my toddler for the big change. We already moved her out of her crib into a toddler bed and put the crib in storage until it it gets closer to the due date.

People suggested to keep on talking about the baby so she will know what is going on.

I didn’t think it would work. I still try to show her the baby in the belly. I ask if she can say, “Hi to the baby.” She says, “Hi” and touches my belly then proceeds to touch my husbands belly. It’s cute.

I don’t think she truly understands and won’t until we bring the new baby home.

To my surprise during our snack time, she was sharing her grapes with me then got one and put it on my belly. I said, “Are you trying to share your snack with the baby?”

To which she replied, “Ya. Share.”

Even if she doesn’t fully understand, when she shared her snack, it melted my heart.
She always surprises me.

I love my little girl so much and I know she will be a wonderful sister.

It happens out of no where. The Terrible 2’s but in my case, it’s the Terrible Almost 2’s.
She just started understanding new words, saying “Mommy” and “Please”. We would go out to mommy and me classes without meltdowns or tantrums. She would get dressed, get in the car or stroller without a fight.

All of the sudden, out of no where, it begins. The constant tantrum’s, the word, “NOOOOOO!” for everything. The squirming, the running, the screaming, the crying, the numerous time out’s. It was just out of no where. I thought to myself, “Where am I going wrong here?” and “What happened to my little girl?”

I thought she was just having an off day, but nope. This time, it is the stage of the “terrible two’s”…

Each day is exhausting. Waiting until 5 for my husband comes home (if he doesn’t work overtime) seems like it takes forever. And if I’m lucky, she will take a nap without putting up a fight.

I never realize how exhausting it is. If this is a preview of the teenage years, I will have to be hiding in my room crying with a bowl of ice cream dreaming of when I will oneway be “cool” again in my daughter’s eyes.

Time for the “What NOT to say to a pregnant lady”. Ahh the holidays, the time of year where you meet up with extended family. During my first pregnancy one of my relatives had no idea I was pregnant, took a look at my belly and said, “WHOOOA you are HUUUGE! Are you pregnant?”

My brother in law said, “If you weren’t pregnant, he would have learned a very HARD lesson.”