Month: October 2015

No limits to imagination

omg_imagination omg_imagination2

I remember someone once said to me “One day you need to grow up. Let the kids do those things and you do the mom stuff.”
I thought I had to wear some mask to hide some part of myself I had away because I am a mom.
Should I pretend to not enjoy watching cartoons with my kids while eating snacks with them?
Should I stop drawing or liking cool figurines cause someone else thinks they are childish?
Should I pretend to not want to sing in a band for fun at least once, or learn to play drums because I think it’s cool?
Maybe I should lock away the light saber away until they can play with it. (Yes that’s right…light saber.)
No. I think NOT.
There should be no age limit to having imagination and growing creatively.

A Glimpse


Im not really a funny person but to my little kids, anything can make them laugh. I get away with being silly and weird without them rolling their eyes out of embaressment.

It’s these little moments like this that made me think, at least im still cool in their eyes. I know when they are teenagers they will probably be different.

For now, they haven’t discovered that their mom is completely silly and nerdy. Shhhhh…