Month: December 2015

The Icky Dance



I don’t like bugs and since we moved to a warmer country, it feels like a I’m watching “a bug’s life” movie. When I lived in Alberta and I would watch shows about bugs on some nature channel I would laugh and say to myself, “Ha, glad I don’t have to deal with THOSE bugs.”

I guess it’s karma.

I never used to be scared of bugs as a kid but I became scared of them as I got older.

I often get “BUGGED”  by my husband and family to get over my fear.( Yes…I was trying to be funny.)

For now, my kids are amused by my icky dance. I didn’t know I had one until my kids were laughing and wondering why I was jumping around trying to squish a huge bug in my kitchen.

At least it makes them laugh even though I squirm on the inside. Ha.