Month: January 2016

Dress Up

Times when I look at my daughter I see a mini version of myself. She loves playing dress up, loves princesses and robots, etc. she is a little nerd in the making. We both love dresses and the nerdy figurines.

My son adores his sister but I don’t think he likes being the prince during play time. He is busy exploring the room and when daddy comes home he squeals for daddy. I’m guessing he probably babbles in his own way on how he doesn’t like our princess tea parties. Hahaha.

On another side note, I’m making more progress on drawing with my iPad. I am still experimenting with more coloring and drawing mediums. I am pleased with these results.

Right and left



I’m trying to teach my daughter the difference between right and left. Oneway I know she will have to learn how to cross the street with me without me constantly carrying her and second, she still doesn’t have the full sense of direction.

I would point at something and she would stare blankly into space.
It’s funny how we don’t realize how easy things come to us as we get older. Meanwhile there are these little beings who are still learning everything. Each thing they learn is new.

Sense of direction is a skill set that we don’t realize. Except now and then I still need my GPS now and then. Ha.

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Ahh timeouts. I really don’t like giving them but it needs to be done at times. I can’t even count how many timeouts my daughter has but when I was trying to think of ideas for my comic, timeouts reminded me of those signs at a warehouse.

I wonder what age do you have to be until timeouts are no longer in force?

On another different subject, this is my first attempt at using my new drawing tablet. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. This is my 3rd try at drawing my comics. I find that I’m slowly progressing. For those wondering which tablet I am using, it’s the iPad pro. I find it easier to use compared to my previous tablet where I felt like I was doing more blind contour drawings again.

It’s pretty awesome, but that’s just my own review of it.