Month: April 2016

Olivia’s first movie

While watching the movie ‘ inside out’ for the hundredth time, I would look at the memories of the little girl and it almost brought a tear to my eye and how some we wish would always stay or recall at another period of our lives where the memory wasn’t truly forgotten.

Imaginary friends, games we made up, memories with the family.
I started thinking, when do we develop long term memories?

I remember some small moments from when I was a baby. I remember when I looked at an old picture from when as was a baby, there was a picture of me in the backyard playing with my sis and cousin. We were at some backyard in Montreal where my cousin used to live. I was held by her grandma from her dad’s side (no relation). I recall it being a nice summer day. I pointed to an airplane flying and I remember my sis saying I was pointing to it. However, I wasn’t able to fully talk yet. Then I was playing with my sis and my cousin.

As I got older, I remembered I told my mom that remembered that and other memories but she told me it’s not possible to remember stuff from that young. Even though my mom didn’t think it’s possible for me to remember a thing from that young, i wouldn’t know how to explain where I got it from.

I still remember that day whether it was a dream or not. Now I wonder, when would my kids remember things.

Olivia’s best friend’s mom told me she was able to take her 3 year old, Aria, to a movie and I wanted to see if Olivia would be able to watch one too. I made sure she had no screen time which was hard (she gets to watch shows once in a while after we are out and about in the mornings) but not letting her have the option to watch anything was hard.

They treated us to the first movie, which was Zootopia. Jon watched Carter while Olivia and I had our movie day. It has been a while since Olivia and I had any time with just us together since Carter. It was good for us to spend time together while daddy and Carter have time together too.

Despite how hard it was trying to prevent screen time for Olivia, it paid off. She sat through the whole movie and enjoyed it. All I had to do was make sure she watched no t.v or iPad. It was awesome. I bought us a small popcorn, hotdogs, other concession treats. I was super excited cause i wanted to see the movie with her. After the movie was done a song came on and she asked if she can dance to it. It was super cute. I said yeh, and she danced in the aisle we sat in.( it was end credits and other kids were dancing too)Then as we walked back to the car, we jumped through some rainny puddles and I played her the song “try everything” on my iPhone on the car ride back. It was a good time.

A few weeks later, she watched the music video to that song she said,”I was there.”
I said, oh you mean you were there at the movie?’

Yeh with aria (her best friend) and I said and me.
She said no, aria, her mommy.

Then I thought, wait did she completely forget I was there? It was a special moment to me, but only I remembered it. I was a little sad.

Then I thought of the movie from inside out. Maybe she is still not having the full core memories yet. Here’s hoping the movie tickets will make that day into a core memory, the same way that picture did.

Secret language of rugrats


When I was in junior high I would watch the cartoon called “rugrats”. It was cute how they would have their own adventures and language the adults wouldn’t understand.

Now that Carter is in the stage of being more vocal and mobile, it’s interesting seeing the interaction with him and his sis. When I check what they are up too, the get a little too quiet like I’m interrupting their secret conversation.

Jon and I have to guess what Carter wants since he doesn’t say regular words, I would see him talk with his sis and they would laugh and play together. It reminded me of the rugrats cartoon.

Whenever he talks I feel like he should have comic bubbles that you can fill in the blanks later. Then Olivia becomes the baby translator. Haha.

Making their mark

I remember when I was pregnant with Olivia she would kick, poke, turn which was surreal. I would record her moving to the sound of my voice. It was amazing. When you see your stomach moving the first time, you realize, there’s someone in there. As you grow each month you think, whoa it must be getting a little tight. I got used to the turning and poking and kicking but the part I wasn’t used to was the scratching. When Olivia was born her nails were quite long.

When I felt like I was being scratched, I was thinking, this feels weird. When I was pregnant with Carter I was thinking to myself, wow, he’s scratching me, just like this big sister. I wonder if he has some sharp nails too, then I thought of this idea for a comic. Maybe they had some crayon in the womb and wanted to doodle.

Nine months in the womb is a long time, I assumed they probably wanted to keep themselves occupied with something. Hahaha.