Month: June 2016

Ramen Day

It all started off with me telling my friend Mayuri, ” I know a really good ramen place near my house” to which I thought would be just a calmful lunch with both of our kids, then that bubble bursted into pieces. Yes, my delusional bubble to thiKing that eating with 2 toddlers and 2 babies would go so quietly.
Mayuri and her 2 kids came over for a play date and we walked to the ramen place. Her son in a carrier, her daughter and my son in my stroller, and my daughter walking with Mayuri. As we got to the restaurant which was in a market, the lunch rush has already begun. It was already noisy at the market to begin with.

I ordered the food for us while they sat at the table. I forgot my phone which is usually lifesaver for having youtube kids available in case things get chaotic.

One baby started crying then the other, the kids wouldnt sit still, then it just kept getting louder and as one of our bowls of ramen crashes to the floor the noise level of the market drowns out and turns to the noise our entertaining children.
While we try to conclude our lunch, the kids are all losing it cause my son doesnt want to go back in the stroller and the toddlers are both getting mad on who should ride on the skateboard attachment of the stroller, we try get out them out of the store to avoid more screams. Things evetually sorted out while outside, then
i thought lets go for bubble tea next. A treat for a crazy morning.

I had 2 and half bubble teas that day. (Dont judge me!!! )

Although, Mayuri and I can laugh at the memorable ramen lunch NOW, we couldn’t really laugh during that lunch.

‘It is a memorable story to tell one day.’ To which I will share now since the details are still new and I can one day share to my kids if they ever decide in the future to have kids.

I said i remember before kids seeing other moms in the situation like that often scare me. Being the mom in that situation now, still scares me. Hahah

So lesson here is…nothing goes smoothly or as planned but thank goodness people would forget about it the next day and wont remember that you are THAT mom that brought the kids out for ramen.
(Unless you are famous…)

Little old me


Nothing wrong with being the short Asian mom, I just slowly realized I am turning into my own mom. I am taller than her, although I’m used to people being taller than me, it will feel different being the only short one in my immediate family. At least I won’t need a step ladder to reach stuff then, hahah

Please say mama





When Olivia was younger I remember trying to get her to say ma-ma. She said “Dada” but she didn’t say “Mama” until she was about 14-15 months old. I asked my mom if I said, “Mama” first and she said, “Yes. You called me Mama all the time.” Then someone else told me, “Saying mama isn’t a common first word because it’s usually harder to say than dads.”

I was a little sad that she didn’t say mama because it was my first time being a mom and I think I was anxious to hear her call me mommy. However, I just got used to her calling me “Dada” instead. When she finally said, “Mama”, I was ecstatic. I said, “Yayyy!” Now these days, she says it non-stop. Followed by either, “Mommy, no want to.” or “I love you mommy”, etc.

When Carter was about 2-3 months, I assumed he will probably say “Dada” first. Then oneday I was doing something in the kitchen and he was crying to be fed. He cried out, “Maaaaaaaaaam”, and ” Muuuuuum”. I looked at Jon and said, “He said Mum!!”

At least I will count it as mum, even though he doesn’t know what “Mum” means yet.