June 2016

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I hate to admit this, but my sense of direction is quite bad. Thank goodness for GPS.


Nothing wrong with being the short Asian mom, I just slowly realized I am turning into my own mom. I am taller than her, although I’m used to people being taller than me, it will feel different being the only short one in my immediate family. At least I won’t need a step ladder to reach stuff then, hahah







When Olivia was younger I remember trying to get her to say ma-ma. She said “Dada” but she didn’t say “Mama” until she was about 14-15 months old. I asked my mom if I said, “Mama” first and she said, “Yes. You called me Mama all the time.” Then someone else told me, “Saying mama isn’t a common first word because it’s usually harder to say than dads.”

I was a little sad that she didn’t say mama because it was my first time being a mom and I think I was anxious to hear her call me mommy. However, I just got used to her calling me “Dada” instead. When she finally said, “Mama”, I was ecstatic. I said, “Yayyy!” Now these days, she says it non-stop. Followed by either, “Mommy, no want to.” or “I love you mommy”, etc.

When Carter was about 2-3 months, I assumed he will probably say “Dada” first. Then oneday I was doing something in the kitchen and he was crying to be fed. He cried out, “Maaaaaaaaaam”, and ” Muuuuuum”. I looked at Jon and said, “He said Mum!!”

At least I will count it as mum, even though he doesn’t know what “Mum” means yet.