Month: September 2016

Attachment issues


Sometimes there are those phases for the kids. A parent leaves the room for a second, they become very sad. You re-enter the room and it was like you left for years. Yet, it was only a second.

Carter is now running, climbing and very good at opening pantries. That’s right…all the “CHILD PROOF” lock has been defeated by my son. It’s hard to now go to the bathroom without having to bring them as an audience.
One time I tried to sneak away and I can hear my son going through my pantry to which I had to try to turn on a show to distract my kids from making a mess while I have a bathroom break.

I remember I had a mom nite out (dinner with my mom friends) and when I had to leave, my kids started crying so much. Made me sad, but even Jon said I should go out cause I hardly ever do anything without the kids. So I did.

Now it’s whenever I sneak away to work out in the other room, I can hear my son running after me trying to knock on the door for me to answer him. It can be a little much. Yet, the highlight is always seeing him run towards me for a hug.
That’s until after I find out he just wants to be fed. Haha. I’ll take it for now.

Rough Nite


When I would hear younger kids say in shows “Oh man, I had a rough nite”…I think, ah ok, they partied all night, then probably slept in the next day…unless chose to party the nite before working early the next day. Again, I emphasize “chose” to.

The key difference is they get to sleep in. Catch up, recharge, then go about telling their buddies about their rough nite of partying.

It’s funny how stages in life, those phrases mean different things. Saying you had a “rough nite” as a parent can include, being awake after at 2 am with a baby who doesn’t sleep through the nite. Then awake every now and then feeding the baby. Add in that they are coughing and then spit up on you at approximately 4am. To which you have to change the bedsheets and your clothes and your baby’s clothes so it’s not soiled.
Then having to finally go back to bed after bringing the cool humidifier in your room, then having your wrist watch alarm go off at 4:15am to which you realize your baby had played with your watch again and somehow figured out how to set an alarm on your watch. Yes…this is twice this happened..TRUE STORY.
Then finally going to bed and having to wake up at 7am so you can take your other little one to the bathroom.

The phrase now “I had a rough nite” is now exactly that. I was so tired, I fell asleep on the couch while my son napped on me. Small cat nap, but I’ll take it over nothing.

So, when parents say “rough nite”. They win.

I get it now. I get why my parents were always tired all the time. Touché parents. You win. Hahah.

Good cop bad cop


Olivia is in the “imitation phase”. She has been trying to put me in time-outs and sets her pretend watch timer for the time outs. She is a clever one, hard not to laugh at times with her trying to do that.

When she first tried to do that, I was shocked. I thought to myself, if I didn’t have to be the bad cop all the time and was the good cop then maybe I wouldn’t be in her time out. Yet me made me feel a little better that even the good cop (daddy) also gets a time-out too. Hahha…