Month: October 2016

Yay… Halloween

Since Friday, it’s been, “Yaaaay, it’s Halloween”…well…pre-halloween. Olivia had a hip-hop class where she got to dress up in costume and trick or treat and give treats. Then in the evening she got to go to a fall festival/halloween activity to trick or treat, this time with her little brother Carter which he was completely fascinated with.  Hahah.

Then now, it’s Halloween. Keep in mind, this whole weekend means everyday is halloween mode. Hahah. I also found out for my first time carving a pumpkin was awesome however a hard lesson. Don’t carve a pumpkin too far in advance cause it will get mouldy. Did anyone else have that problem? I never seen mouldy carved pumpkins. Maybe it’s cause it’s warmer here in California than it was in Alberta. No idea.

So far my kids have dressed up as: Captain America and Elsa. I added lights to the Elsa dress but then I found out there was a dress that came with lights and for Oh well, i thought it looked pretty sweet in dark. Monday it will be Spider man and powderpuff girl/storm trooper. Hahah.

Now, the things I love about halloween are:

  1. Treats are also your treats…they wont be able to eat them all with out someone to help. We got rid of old halloween treats last year cause they couldn’t eat it all by themselves. So it got thrown away. Haha. So this year, I decided, it’s just mom tax..maybe the chocolate ones.

2. Costumes! My only day of year where I can dresss up as a cool character without being judged. Unless you are the only one showing in costume…that’s awkward.

3. The treat incentive. If your kid acts up you can say this, ” do you want your treats, if so, please listen?” If they dont take it seriously, open a candy and eat it in front of them. Then they believe that YOU would eat their treats. They don’t want that. I often have to remind my daughter about that, especially when she either refuses to listen or go potty before we go anywhere.

4. Halloween means clearance items the next day. Hahaha… and christmas stuff. UNLESS they hide all their stuff too quickly to reduce the price.

Did I mention that I love clearance items? Hahaha…my highlight of the day at times is checking out the clearance items.

Anyhow, Happy Halloween everyone!

The Art of Wooing 101

Tip: Just because you land someone’s heart doesn’t mean wooing them shouldn’t stop. It is nice to feel special every once in a while. How?

Maybe it’s through folding the laundry and putting it away as a surprise. Randomly getting a yummy dessert treat that you know they will like while you are out on a grocery run. Maybe you saw some cool Lego on clearance and you know they would like it….if they like Lego.

It’s all in the little gestures. It doesn’t have to be through expensive means to show someone you still care. Hahaha.

Coffee…the awake juice

I never used to drink coffee until having Carter. Now I get why i need it.
First thing in the mornings, my only way of trying. To. Keep awake and keep up with the kids. I get it now.
Whoever Invented coffee, big thanks.

What’s your favorite number?


What’s your favorite number?
My daughter sometimes asks what my favorite number is now and then. I tell her my number and then she asks jon, etc.

One day we were at the gym and she was playing with some older kid who was probably about 13. She was facinated that he knew how to kick a soccer ball and kept trying to play with him while he wasn’t really wanting to. Then she asked, “what’s your number?”
Nope…not,what’s your favorite number?
She asked this boy, “what’s your number?”
Haha, I know she doesn’t know the context of what she asked but I chuckled a bit.
He said…” I don t even have a phone.”

She was all confused to why he even mentioned a phone.

Laughing at me

I started putting Olivia in kids club at the gym while I take Carter to a mommy and me class. When I came back to get her she told me how she met some new kids go play with then she said that some kids were laughing at her. Her voice went from happy to a little sad.
It made me sad. First thing I thought to myself was, i don’t like that kid who laughed at my little girl. But…that’s a typical mother bear thing to say.
Everytime I see a picture of my kids, they are smiling, still green to the world.

When she sounded confused to why the kids were laughing at her. It broke my heart.
It got to me. The thought of her meeting other kids, cruel kids.
Or even bullies.

I was bullied when I was younger. It’s a very tough subject to talk about.
Although, I eventually dealt with it, I would often ask Jon, what do you say to your own kid when or if they encounter someone being cruel or a bully.
I used to think of that now an then.

Recently, it got to me. She said, ‘they were laughing at me.”
I said. ” do you know why?”
She frowned and said no.
I said, ‘well, if they weren’t being nice to you. Let the lady at the kids club know. Okay?”
I know that if I see it happening, then I can either talk to the kids club person or maybe their mom or dad about what was happening. That day, i talked to Jon about it.
I wasn’t sure if I said the right thing.

I’d hear that one question. If you can go back to in time to when you were a teenager what would you tell your younger self.

Have confidence in yourself and a maybe find a good mentor to help during times when you doubt yourself.

Also…doesn’t hurt to know self defense classes…purely for self discipline purposes, not for the purpose of being a nerdy ninja someday.
Every time i look at my kids at this stage in life, they are so new. Every experience is an exciting one. I love the look of their smiles and their joys to every milestone.
From their first heart beat in my womb, to when I first hold them in my arms.
My world became bigger. Times like this, I wish I can be some sort of hero with some magical power like a forcefield that protects them from anyone cruel. Yet, how do you protect them but let them have the freedom to live their own life?
I remember telling my mom friend about this. My one mom friend said, she understands. She is the same way.
I remembered as a kid, sometimes my parents would check up on me and my sis when we are sleeping. I never knew why.
Now I get it. I realize that I am just like my mom. Except, version…2.0?
The worrying doesn’t stop. Parent problems, eh?