Month: January 2017

Food motivation

When it comes to food, my will power is usually zero. My mom is the best cook, I’m sure many kids say that about someone in their family. She always made sooo much good food. When I was a kid my parents would always tell us” don’t waste your food” since food is a privilege and both my parents grew up with that mentality since food was always hard to come by. Although I understand how they try not to waste food cause we are fortunate enough to have food on the table, it means my pant size was always sky rocketing. When we visited them it came with the huge yummy portions with it.

I wasn’t used to watching my portions as a kid until I started working after college and decided to get into shape. Eating in bulk became a thing of the past. Yet whenever I visit family my will power goes back to zero. Hahah. I go back to eating the same stuff again, not watching my portions then I am left struggling to go back to a healthy weight again.

If only it is as easy to lose weight from the holiday/family gathering feast the same way it is to put it on in the first place.
One thing that works for sure….food motivation..hahah…shhhh…that’s my secret.

Visit us


After we relocated away from Canada we are told by relatives to visit. I know it’s a nice when they want us to come, but I constantly forget to take a picture of the many things we have to bring. 2 car seats, plus one carry on for Olivia to have stuff to do and snacks, then our own backpacks, a stroller as well as our luggage. Then depending which season we have to visit can be tough. Since it’s warmer here than Alberta, when we went last year we had to bring some light clothing from here to thick Winter gear for Alberta. I didn’t realize how winter clothing can take sooo much room. Oh yeh and winter boots vs sneakers.

Then every time we visit we always end up borrowing and extra suitcase on the way back home cause we end up having more than we brought the first place all from the many gifts from family. I thought our trip to Canada recently would be our first time not having to borrow a luggage but nope. We celebrated a pre- Christmas with the family so we had so much treats that had to be brought with us or some left behind so we only need to borrow a small bag.

Things I look forward to is when the kids are at the stage of listening to their own headphones, when they can go to the bathroom themselves and when we don’t need car seats or strollers.

However the plus at this stage is being able to have priority boarding. It’s like getting into a club first cause you know someone while everyone who are still waiting in line gives you the stink-eye as you board the plane.
Then u just look proudly and say, yup, these are MY kids…I KNOW them hahah…

Holidays be like…

The Christmas holidays (the Christmas holidays for me go up to New Years) are my favorite time of year. It’s almost magical and delightful! The holiday treats, festive lights, the decorations and planning of giving to those you love, most of all the togetherness. It’s like that one time of year where something special is in the world where things become a little quieter (not counting the last minute shopping) and although I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents, ┬áit’s really about the prescence (yes that word not the other) of those you love and care about and spreading that cheer to everyone even those you don’t even know.

Now that the holidays are officially over until next year, it becomes a little sad. That same holiday magic disappears…at least until next holiday season.

During New Year’s Eve, we ate out with the kids, watched a kids new year’s countdown on Netflix cause there is no way they can stay awake until midnight…lol same with us. However I decided to stay up cause people in our neighborhood love their loud fireworks and I’m a light sleeper. Which stopped maybe by 2am.
I realized, I haven’t really thought of any new year’s resolutions aside from working off those holiday treats from when we visited my parents for a pre-Christmas visit until today…(booo) I still don’t fully have any resolutions.hmmm come to think of it, I don’t think I ever made any last year. Does making daily goals or projects for yourself count?hahah. What is your new year’s resolution?

Happy New Years everyone!

Little moments

Just taking a moment to note the little random moments that catch you off guard because they make your day. Sometimes it means more than what others think…