Month: February 2017

2 steps forward, 10 000 steps back

Before we went out of town to see family, Carter was finally sleeping through the nite. It was a nice feeling but then i realized that it would change going out of town. Which it did. Although my family said “oh it’s only temporary”, they don’t know that the transition back home will be back to the transitioning period of getting the kids used to sleeping in their own rooms and sleeping through the nite. It felt like before our trip we finally were ahead with the sleep schedule thing. Then during and after the trip it went completely backwards. Luckily, Olivia’s transitioning wasn’t as bad however she started sleeping through the nite at about 18 months. I assumed that Carter would be the same then I forgot once again that every child is different.

He finally started sleeping again but mostly waking up from 4:30 -5:30. Which is better than the constant screams earlier during the nite. I can’t wait until the age when they both sleep through the night or when I we can finally sleep in. I just don’t know what age that is.
Oneday these dark circles under my eyes will disappear…i hope.