April 2017

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How kids make friends vs. How I make friends

Milestones…what a wonderful thing. Independence is a skillset we all learn and eventually we don’t even realize we do it. When your kids start getting dressed by themselves, going potty, it feels closer and closer to them learning how to do things for themselves. Adding getting their own snacks, it’s genius to the list.

Usually after breakfast, I’ll get to sit down and try to drink my coffee then they ask for snacks. Or whenever I think I might get to sit down, it’s snack time. When Olivia was able to get her own snacks from the fridge and Carter got his cereal bars from the snack pantry, i realized that I can finally not get up every few minutes for snacks for them…hooray for milestones!

After having kids, privacy is no longer a thing. You have an entourage of mini-spies…

I made this short animation after having a rough week. This is dedicated to those who had a rough week…this is also the reason why I have no will power when it comes to food…


Little moments like this are awesome!