Month: September 2019

First Day of school

I remember bringing my daughter to preschool for the first time, i was all teary eyes. It was no different bringing her for her first day of grade one.

Before school she was filled with excitement however, after her first day, I think the full day schedule was overwhelming for her to say the least. I wasn’t sure on how to deal with the new rollercoaster of emotions she was dealing with. She would start offf happy, the be completely upset and mad at me after school. Then in turn, I would shut down. I didn’t know how to deal with it all in a composed manner.

I was up in the late evening, trying to read blogs on how to help with the adjustments of a full time school schedule for a child just starting that new routine. Then I realized that I was busy trying to figure out the words to say to help but found out she just wanted that comfort of knowing I am there.

She was scared of the new milestone and the change, and I forgot what it was like to be in her shoes. So then I asked her if she just wanted to sit with me on a couch and watch our show we both enjoy watching together. From just having a bit of quiet time with me, it something she wanted to help make her feel better after her overwhelming week.