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Empowering others

Empowering others

I didn’t realize it’s International Women’s Month until a few days ago. My daughter asked me about it and I had to try to explain what it was about. I said it’s about honouring women all over the world and she was excited and said, “That means it will be for me too becuase I will be a woman oneday.”

I thought, what does International Women’s Month mean to me? First off, I didn’t even know it existed. So that in itself is a plus. Then I thought, how does it make me feel? 
I had to really think about it. I think it means, empowerment and uplifting other women.

When I was in junior high, I found it hard to fit in. I was not sporty or a social butterfly.
I was quiet and awkward, had a few friends but still felt completely invisible.
One girl who was in my class, introduced herself and talked to me. She said some kind words about me and at the time, I wasn’t sure if she was just joking around. Then, every time she saw me, she would continue to say kind things to me that made me feel empowered during the times where I felt I wasn’t. 

It left an impact on me to this day. Although junior high wasn’t the best time for me, hearing positive words from another helped me during those tough days at school.

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The moment I realized, it’s been a year since everything changed.