The Terrible Almost 2’s

It happens out of no where. The Terrible 2’s but in my case, it’s the Terrible Almost 2’s.
She just started understanding new words, saying “Mommy” and “Please”. We would go out to mommy and me classes without meltdowns or tantrums. She would get dressed, get in the car or stroller without a fight.

All of the sudden, out of no where, it begins. The constant tantrum’s, the word, “NOOOOOO!” for everything. The squirming, the running, the screaming, the crying, the numerous time out’s. It was just out of no where. I thought to myself, “Where am I going wrong here?” and “What happened to my little girl?”

I thought she was just having an off day, but nope. This time, it is the stage of the “terrible two’s”…

Each day is exhausting. Waiting until 5 for my husband comes home (if he doesn’t work overtime) seems like it takes forever. And if I’m lucky, she will take a nap without putting up a fight.

I never realize how exhausting it is. If this is a preview of the teenage years, I will have to be hiding in my room crying with a bowl of ice cream dreaming of when I will oneway be “cool” again in my daughter’s eyes.

Stalking 101: People are closer than they appear

I can say I followed my husband before he even really knew me. I worked in the same division as him but different departments. When I saw him the first time, I said to myself, “He’s cute”. I would pass him in the hallway while I head to the lounge to get some tea. I knew if I didn’t say anything, I would never know the opportunity that can pass me by.

Oneday I said a big, “Good morning” to him. Ha. I was a really shy person but nothing can happen if you’re both shy.
I think I surprised him with my good morning. He told me later, he doesn’t function when he hasn’t had his morning coffee so I probably remained invisible until he had his coffee.

I was very persisitent to know him. I tried to find out through friends if he was single and how old he is. I also had wingmen to help me try to strike more conversation with him. Ha. I think he still didn’t even know I existed. Then when I almost gave up, ┬áthere was a work-halloween party. I was playing a video game and there was an empty chair beside me. He asked if he can join me. After the party I said, I want to ask him to a movie. However, he left for home earlier than expected. So I decided to ask him out after the weekend. He said he will get back to me later with an answer. I was super sad and I said, “I don’t know why I bothered. I will just have to move on after that.” Then he got back to me and said he will come to a movie with me.

From that point on we went on our first date, then a second one, then more dates after that.He told me later he was afraid of the work relationships affecting a job he enjoys and that is why he took a while to get back to me with a response.  So we kept it professional and no one knew we were even a couple until we went to a work party as a couple, etc. Then more people found out about us when they found out from other people that we were engaged.

Now we are married. I always bug him and say, “Aren’t you glad I followed you?” He would always laugh and say, “Yes, I am very glad you did.” People would always ask him, “How did you meet your wife?”

He said, “She followed me, and asked me out, etc” They always get surprised.

I would always bug him and say, “You’re welcome. I saved you the trouble and asked you out. You’re lucky cause you are a nerd and you got a nerdy girl who followed you. ” It took a couple tries to get to know him or know I even existed. I just say he just didn’t see me because I wasn’t at his eye level. He’s 6 foot 3 ish and I’m 5 foot 1 ish.

So any nerds out there who think they will never find another nerdy person to love, don’t give up. If you are a tall nerd, just try to look below eye level. You just might notice them staring at you right in the face.