August 2015

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Remember those family gatherings? I haven’t been to one in a while since we moved away.
My one favorite part would be the food at the gatherings. My mom would cook so many dishes, you were always walking out of the party having to undo the top button of your jeans from eating so much.

The least favorite part is having to play the “Let’s catch up” game some of the older relatives which always includes all the same questions over and over again.

Playing catch up with the family can be like those game shows. The questions are always the same and if you don’t have an answer then there is the question of, “WHY?” Then you are left trying to hand them off to a sibling or another relative to focus on.

Clearly all the questions are unavoidable. Too bad there isn’t a form that can be handed out before any gatherings with the disclaimer that if you answer the form, anything on the form cannot be talked about during the gathering.

Then what would be left to talk about? Current happenings of the world? The party starts here kids…ahhah


After being a parent you realize that each stage in your kid’s life is always a new thing to deal with. It is always a continous learning process. My daughter is in the stage of “favourite” people and things that she expresses endearment towards. Right now she attaches, “MY” with a sweet tone of delight to her favourite people and things.

Lately, it has been, “MY…daddy!”
She says it with a smile or when he leaves the room for a second. She looks at me and says, “Where’s MY DADDY?” or “My DADDDDDDDDDY!”

Then there is her favourite Hippo toy named, “Bobo.” To which she says “MY Bobo!” or “My DARLING Bobo”

(Note she said, “Darling”)

Now when she says, “Mommy”, there is no “MY” just mommy.
So far, I haven’t made the cut. BOO.
Hurts more than a papercut. Am I bitter….I wouldn’t human if I didn’t express some sort of bitterness.

(Que the sympathetic tiny violin)
What’s not to love about mommy.
I say to myself… but I take her to playdates, mommy and me classes. Share my food, play with her. She also lived in my stomach for 9 months. Come on…I should get AT LEAST a “MY DARLING” for that. But Noooope.


I just want a simple, “MY” to my mommy name.
(End Sympathetic tiny violin)

With that being said, at least my son still lights up when I enter the room.
1 fan out of 2 isn’t so bad, right?


We recently had some of my family visit. It was a nice week with them, having them accompanying me with the kids to the mall. Someone to talk to and reminice about old times. We laughed together, ate together and they helped me with the kids.

Then as I drove off at the airport after they had to head back to Canada. I said to myself, “It’s just me and the kids again.” My heart just sank and I cried in the car pulling away. I think I have been just keeping the kids an I busy while my husband works to try to block out some of  that homesick feeling. However, this time it hit me harder.
Whenever I walk in the mall with my kids, my heart sinks a little when I see other moms with their parents, siblings or other extended family. It always reminds me that this distance keeps me homesick.
We are in another country. All our family is there and we are all the way here. It took me a few days to get back into the routine and accept that we wont see the family for months again.
I guess compared to the 80’s, we wouldnt have been able to do videochats.
So I guess, there is that.


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I’ve always been fascinated with the “How we met stories” for couples. I love hearing the history and the way the faces light up talking about how they met.

Although each partner have their own version of telling it, I always thought the interaction was cute. I often think those stories is what kept me believing that oneday I would tell my own story of “How we met” to my own kids.

Now I have, but in a summarized comic form…hahah. Eventually I will let them know the extended version but when they are able to have a longer attention span. Hahaha.