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After Halloween Olivia has been mentioning all the things she wants for Christmas. I would tell her to make a list for Santa and I said, she might not get everything on the list. I told her the story about Santa/Saint Nick and said why he gave Chrismas’s presents in the first place. However, telling her a long answer about the meaning holidays proceeded back to her forgetting what I said after I said it. Ha.

When they got pictures with Santa, we were happy she didn’t cry like last year cause she used to be scared of him. This year she was ready to tell him her list and told him what Carter would like cause she knows he can’t really talk yet. She said, ” I told Santa that Carter likes cars, so maybe he can get him some hot wheels or something” which was super nice she did that.

Someone asked me, so “what’s the kiddos getting for Christmas?” I said it’s either 3 things. A toy, wrapping paper, and a box. They are usually content with either of those options. Last year they were busy hugging the wrapped present instead of opening it. After opening it they played with the paper and the toy then threw the paper around.
I love their stage right now , hahah.

To my family to yours, wishing everyone a happy holidays 😉


I never thought I would ever have to say that he’s more nerdy than expected. Is that even a thing? He has already picked Marvel over DC for the most part but he slowly accepting that they are all superheroes. He is more nerd-tastic than I realized. Hahhah.


I’m sure this would bring a nerdy tear to the eye to see their little ones singing any nerdy theme song…am I right? Also, I do know the difference with the two theme songs, hahah.


Olivia is in the phase of saying “I can do it BY MYSELF!” Then she pauses and asks, “mommy can you help me” shortly after. We went trick or treating with our friends. Jon was trying to tell me to watch from a distance instead of hovering beside them each door, just  letting them go to the door while watching near by.

i wasn’t used to it but i know eventually it was meant to happen sometime. I guess I have been used to keeping close, I forget at times I have to also let her learn some independence. Although she can;t trick or treat by herself alone yet, I guess I was a little sad cause it meant she is growing up. Jon tried to tell me to let Carter to try to go with them and watch near by until he ran and fell.

‘I said to jon, nooope, I’ll help him. At least Carter still wants my help, i think. Hhaha



Of course i felt a little bad and got up with them both…eventually. go teeeeam!


When jon and I started dating, we worked at the same company but at different departments. We kept it a secret from other co-workers to keep it professional at work, etc.
On our 3 months together we walked to Starbucks during our break time and got a cookie to celebrate. He was the one who took the lead on this cause although I knew it was our 3 months, I didn’t want to scare him off with being mushy for noting our 3 months together. in case he wasn’t mushy. It was a surprise that he wanted to celebrate too. Hahah.

On our 1 year anniversary he knocked on the door to my office which I was sharing with my boss and surprised me with a box of assorted gourmet cookies. It was awesome and delicious at the same time. The way to my heart is through my stomach, hahaha.

We made it a tradition to this day to celelbrate every 7th day of the month as cookie Day. A cute and yummy tradition to celelbrate with the kiddos.I love this tradition and I know for sure my kids enjoy the cookies;) too, hahah.



TGIF-means thank goodness it’s Friday! Friday’s were always family time.

My fondest memory was when it was hot summer in Alberta, we were having a heat wave. It would be too hot to sleep upstairs in our rooms so my dad would say, it’s cooler in the downstairs family room so we get to “camp” in our family room. My sis and I would be so happy getting our favorite toys and blankets and pillow collection cause we are “camping”. Friday’s were always the best cause on t.v they had this thing call TGIF where all these comedy shows would be on, one after another. It was awesome. My mom would either be doing laundry or ironing since that would be the time where my sis and I would sit still for hours. (My mom is super picky about the laundry, she would re-fold stuff if it’s not done her way which she still does to this day, ha). My dad would watch a show or maybe read.

I remember sometimes my mom or dad would have to work the next day. Yet, it was always a treat for them to be off the next day on the weekend. I loved Friday’s because it always felt like Family time. When they are off the next day it means MORE family time:)

I still feel that way to this day. When jon comes home from work, I always say yaaay! The kids and I are so happy! It’s always a different feeling compared to sunday evenings cause then I have to count down to Friday again. I love our family time:) i find that it’s so important to have that memory of family. It often brings that warmth to your heart getting to do the simplest things together. The littlest things can just be the things we remember the most. We have to cherish it all:)


I heard this story a long time ago that babies choose their parents. Although it may not make any sense, I thought to myself. if that is true and my kids chose me, then that’s awesome. I was always ALWAYS picked last in any sports team, so it’s nice to be picked for something. ahahah



Since Friday, it’s been, “Yaaaay, it’s Halloween”…well…pre-halloween. Olivia had a hip-hop class where she got to dress up in costume and trick or treat and give treats. Then in the evening she got to go to a fall festival/halloween activity to trick or treat, this time with her little brother Carter which he was completely fascinated with.  Hahah.

Then now, it’s Halloween. Keep in mind, this whole weekend means everyday is halloween mode. Hahah. I also found out for my first time carving a pumpkin was awesome however a hard lesson. Don’t carve a pumpkin too far in advance cause it will get mouldy. Did anyone else have that problem? I never seen mouldy carved pumpkins. Maybe it’s cause it’s warmer here in California than it was in Alberta. No idea.

So far my kids have dressed up as: Captain America and Elsa. I added lights to the Elsa dress but then I found out there was a dress that came with lights and for sale..boo. Oh well, i thought it looked pretty sweet in dark. Monday it will be Spider man and powderpuff girl/storm trooper. Hahah.

Now, the things I love about halloween are:

  1. Treats are also your treats…they wont be able to eat them all with out someone to help. We got rid of old halloween treats last year cause they couldn’t eat it all by themselves. So it got thrown away. Haha. So this year, I decided, it’s just mom tax..maybe the chocolate ones.

2. Costumes! My only day of year where I can dresss up as a cool character without being judged. Unless you are the only one showing in costume…that’s awkward.

3. The treat incentive. If your kid acts up you can say this, ” do you want your treats, if so, please listen?” If they dont take it seriously, open a candy and eat it in front of them. Then they believe that YOU would eat their treats. They don’t want that. I often have to remind my daughter about that, especially when she either refuses to listen or go potty before we go anywhere.

4. Halloween means clearance items the next day. Hahaha… and christmas stuff. UNLESS they hide all their stuff too quickly to reduce the price.

Did I mention that I love clearance items? Hahaha…my highlight of the day at times is checking out the clearance items.


Anyhow, Happy Halloween everyone!



Tip: Just because you land someone’s heart doesn’t mean wooing them shouldn’t stop. It is nice to feel special every once in a while. How?

Maybe it’s through folding the laundry and putting it away as a surprise. Randomly getting a yummy dessert treat that you know they will like while you are out on a grocery run. Maybe you saw some cool Lego on clearance and you know they would like it….if they like Lego.

It’s all in the little gestures. It doesn’t have to be through expensive means to show someone you still care. Hahaha.