Just call me Rambo (WARNING: this topic is dedicated for new moms or mom’s to be)

After I had my daughter, I was clueless about breastfeeding and what engorgement felt like. She was having latching issues and I had no idea. I thought she was eating well. However, being engorged was so painful. I had no idea why my “chest-sicles” felt like hard pectorals. I felt like rambo.
I went from a A cup, to a B cup when full to a C cup when completely engorged. Who knew after having a baby you become a leaky mess. Filled with teary eyes from being sleep deprived to having a soak filled gown 🙁 I would be awake early in the morning from pumping if I didn’t get to feed.
I used to think the labour part will be the crazy scary part. No one really prepares you for what happens after you bring the baby home.
Despite having my rambo breasts, it was nice having a full size cup. I appreciated my temporary big breast size but now I just want to figure out how to make it stay without implants or breastfeeding past 2. Suggestions, would be wonderful. Hahahah.