It’s in the Genes

omd_itsinthegenes omd_itsinthegenes2

I remember one morning we were all sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. I was being silly and doing some goofy dance at the table and as I look over to the left of me, there was my daughter doing the exact same dance and trying to sing the same thing I was. It was like looking at a little mini-version of myself. I couldn’t stop laughing.

When I was pregnant I kept thinking, I wonder what the baby will look like. Will she or he have my eyes, his hair? Who will they be more similar personality wise? It’s interesting seeing their personality unfold as they grow older.

Luckily, with their generation there are phones to record so many videos and pictures that they can instantly compare to their own kids. (If they decide to have kids any someday in the later future.)

It would have been nice to have to have baby videos to look back on from when I was younger. Back then, video cameras were very expensive and tons of work trying to hook it up. First you have to find a blank video tape, then make sure you press the record button, take the lens cap off, the haul the heavy camera over your shoulder.

Whoa…saying all that stuff just made me realize how old I am.