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Stalking 101: People are closer than they appear

I can say I followed my husband before he even really knew me. I worked in the same division as him but different departments. When I saw him the first time, I said to myself, “He’s cute”. I would pass him in the hallway while I head to the lounge to get some tea. I knew if I didn’t say anything, I would never know the opportunity that can pass me by.

Oneday I said a big, “Good morning” to him. Ha. I was a really shy person but nothing can happen if you’re both shy.
I think I surprised him with my good morning. He told me later, he doesn’t function when he hasn’t had his morning coffee so I probably remained invisible until he had his coffee.

I was very persisitent to know him. I tried to find out through friends if he was single and how old he is. I also had wingmen to help me try to strike more conversation with him. Ha. I think he still didn’t even know I existed. Then when I almost gave up, ┬áthere was a work-halloween party. I was playing a video game and there was an empty chair beside me. He asked if he can join me. After the party I said, I want to ask him to a movie. However, he left for home earlier than expected. So I decided to ask him out after the weekend. He said he will get back to me later with an answer. I was super sad and I said, “I don’t know why I bothered. I will just have to move on after that.” Then he got back to me and said he will come to a movie with me.

From that point on we went on our first date, then a second one, then more dates after that.He told me later he was afraid of the work relationships affecting a job he enjoys and that is why he took a while to get back to me with a response.  So we kept it professional and no one knew we were even a couple until we went to a work party as a couple, etc. Then more people found out about us when they found out from other people that we were engaged.

Now we are married. I always bug him and say, “Aren’t you glad I followed you?” He would always laugh and say, “Yes, I am very glad you did.” People would always ask him, “How did you meet your wife?”

He said, “She followed me, and asked me out, etc” They always get surprised.

I would always bug him and say, “You’re welcome. I saved you the trouble and asked you out. You’re lucky cause you are a nerd and you got a nerdy girl who followed you. ” It took a couple tries to get to know him or know I even existed. I just say he just didn’t see me because I wasn’t at his eye level. He’s 6 foot 3 ish and I’m 5 foot 1 ish.

So any nerds out there who think they will never find another nerdy person to love, don’t give up. If you are a tall nerd, just try to look below eye level. You just might notice them staring at you right in the face.

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