Sharing time…an awww moment

We are expecting our second child soon and I was researching for months to learn how to prepare my toddler for the big change. We already moved her out of her crib into a toddler bed and put the crib in storage until it it gets closer to the due date.

People suggested to keep on talking about the baby so she will know what is going on.

I didn’t think it would work. I still try to show her the baby in the belly. I ask if she can say, “Hi to the baby.” She says, “Hi” and touches my belly then proceeds to touch my husbands belly. It’s cute.

I don’t think she truly understands and won’t until we bring the new baby home.

To my surprise during our snack time, she was sharing her grapes with me then got one and put it on my belly. I said, “Are you trying to share your snack with the baby?”

To which she replied, “Ya. Share.”

Even if she doesn’t fully understand, when she shared her snack, it melted my heart.
She always surprises me.

I love my little girl so much and I know she will be a wonderful sister.