I got your back


Having a sibling is a big thing. You pretty much stand up for each other despite the bickering now and then. Carter is at the age when I have to start issuing time-outs. I don’t like time-outs, but I know it’s the crappy part parents have to do now and then.

One day, Olivia was in a time-out and she was upset but while she was in time-out, Carter was trying to make her laugh. Trying to keep her company. It was cute. I was thinking he wanted her to feel better.

When he was in his first time-out, she kept saying he is too little to know what time-out’s are. I said, well, he needs to learn so he knows what it is. She said sorry to me and I was a bit confused. She wanted to help him cause he doesn’t know how to say sorry yet.

It reminded me of what it’s like to be a sibling. they kinda got each other’s back in some way without them realizing. I thought it was super cute.