Thinking of you


I realized after being a parent that you constantly think of the kids. least I do. While they were out spending time with family while I was at home, I thought to myself now and then, I wonder what they are doing.

Although I had time to myself, I thought I’m so used to being around the kids, I missed having them around after a while. Sometimes I thought, I wonder if they think of me. Then I thought, they are too busy having fun.

As they got home from their fun-filled day, Olivia was super excited to give me a picture she colored of our family crest. She was so excited! And I was told she picked out every color and said, “she’s going to love it.” She held it proudly on the ride home to give me the family crest. It was so beautiful.

Carter gave me a huge hug and yelled , ” mammmmama” and they both made me feel so loved.

i thought to myself, it made my day that when I was thinking of them they were also thinking of me.

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